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Investment Focus

We access the full spectrum of the worlds capital markets, in order to carefully develop target-driven solutions for our clients. At Pascal Grande Capital Partners, our focus is on Investment Management. We strive to meet the needs of all clients we serve. Our approach spans the global equity, currency, commodity, fixed income and alternative markets. We also offer asset allocation, multi-manager and speciality approaches.

"We do not have proprietary trading, firm positions or other distractions. We are fiduciaries with 100% client focus." - James Anderson, Director of Portfolio Management & Global Equity Strategist


Covering a multitude of disciplines and a wide range of industries, market capitalizations and styles; our equity investment approaches are cultured to meet many client's needs. Our highly collaborative environment enables investors at Pascal Grande Capital Partners to develop strong, long-term results for clients.

As managers of long/short equity strategies since 2002, we bring deep expertise to the management of equity portfolios; across global markets and investment disciplines. We have a single, integrated global investment platform that gives our equity analysts and portfolio managers the ability to share ideas across global continents 24/7.


Our global strategies seek returns driven by macro, credit and relative-value insights. This approach provides attractive returns, even in low-yield or rising-rate environments. With close to $400 million in assets under management, investors can benefit from the firms substantial presence in the global fixed income markets. Whether seeking broad solutions, specific durations or parameters in global markets, we have resources to construct specific risk and return characteristics.


Our Global Multi-Asset Strategy team address investments through creative multi-asset research and innovative investment solutions. The team has more than 20 multi-asset managers dedicated to $25 million of client's wealth. Managing asset allocations and client's goals for over 15 years; whether a target level of return/income, returns in excess of inflation or satisfying risk objectives.


We offer strategies that utilise our expertise across all major listed asset classes. Supported by strategies that satisfy a growing investor interest in uncorrelated sources of return. Many investors seek return patterns that have little correlation to traditional market exposures that can deliver both Alpha and Diversification. Based on our long-term presence in specific asset classes, such as commodities, infrastructure and dislocated markets; we have deep capabilities to identify tactical opportunities for growth.


With an annual trading volume of more than $100 million, we have an institutional scale that has developed long-term relationships with broker-dealers for the benefit of our clients and their risk management. Our 25+ traders include specialists in all major asset classes, markets, sectors and derivatives.

"We have a team of PhD's who analyse investor behaviour during trades. We share the data with portfolio managers and traders, to help them maintain Alpha. One of our Equity Portfolio Managers has been able to minimize market impact and reduce trading costs by trading smaller blocks over longer periods, for example." - James Anderson, Director of Portfolio Management